Seeing the world, one country at the time

Lars, our Webmaster, is a self-taught tech guru, co-writer and an aspiring photographer. Born and bred in what most Norwegians impartially consider to be the best country in the world, Norway, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors (think the Vikings and Thor Heyerdal). Thus, after completing the Royal Military Academy, he set off on a road trip to Australia in a homemade RV. He made it as far as Gibraltar and turned around for love.

It took him to the US where he got his business degree at Arizona State University before joining the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon for two years. Back in the US Lars headed Technical Operations at the online division of The Washington Post where he stayed for four years. Recruited by the District of Columbia to be the Technical Project Manager for the capital’s online portal, he worked for them three years, overseeing the re-launch of as well as the technical foundation of Washington, DC's Intranet (check it out - he is quite proud of the end result, but more to the point, proud of the people and friends he worked with there).

To many, computers are a nuisance, but to Lars they are his “friends” - no really… it is not as sad as it sounds. ;-) And even more so since last year when he converted from Microsoft to Apple to handle all the online publishing and the photos/video he is taking on this journey, being the designated publisher cum photographer and all. He hasn’t looked back since and uses any opportunity to sing the praises of his Mac. He hopes to put it all to good use while volunteering in Asia, possibly doing a documentary. Who knows where he will end up when it is all said and done. Most likely back in Norway, but anywhere in Scandinavia is an option.

He joins me on this world adventure to finish that voyage he aborted. But the travels shouldn’t stop there. It remains to be seen how keen he will be on further travels once he completes 18 months of living out of a backpack but he would tentatively love to do it again, though next time on a motorcycle or in a sailboat. The latter more likely than the former as Lars loves the water! Sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing and crewing – they are all activities that put a smile on Lars’ face. Though rock climbing, mountaineering and any kind of racquet sport also do the trick. Along the lines of Lars’s love of water, he would like to build a house on a waterline property on the Oslo fjord where he would be able to launch his kayak every morning, commute to work by ferry and light warm fires in winter. It doesn’t sound all bad, no?

As for finding a job in 2007, he would love to work for Norwegian companies such as Fast (which makes enterprise level search engines), Aftenposten (the Norwegian equivalent of The Washington Post) or Opera (they make web/cell phone browsers). He is primarily interested in working with search technology, social computing, usability and portals. Other projects include children’s photography on the side and renovating old houses.

Update: After a quick round of 6 interviews, Lars turned down 5 firm and decided to go with Accenture where he will be starting as a Manager, Business Intelligence & Enterprise Search in the Portal and Content Management group. And lo and behold, he gets to work with FAST search technology (among many other things).