Seeing the world, one country at the time

Travel by itself is a worthwhile goal, but we decided that we also wanted to pursue 3 other areas while on the road. Volunteering came up since, while we both volunteered (Lars did after hours tutoring with children who fell behind in grade school in DC and I did medical translation with immigrants at a free clinic in Arlington) back in the US, America has a fairly well developed support system. Asia does not have one to the same extend and it was something we both felt very strongly about.

Lars also wanted to use the opportunity to capture the journey with a camera. Ones everyday life tends to get too busy and taking the time to go out and shoot pictures has a way of being put on the back-burner. Traveling seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the time out and focus on taking pictures. Of course, how the extra 20 kg (litterally) of photo equipment on his back would feel after months on the road was not something that entered the equation at the time ;- )

As for me, I have a passion for writing. It is what I do. Something that gives me pleasure. After teaming up with a travel writer tutor and taking classes, it was time to put my newfound travel writing skills to the test. A journey such as this one only happens once in a blue moon, and it would be a shame if I didn't put it down on paper.