Seeing the world, one country at the time

While Anna documents our travel with a pen, I have been tasked with doing the same with a camera. I have been interested in photography ever since I was able to buy a second-hand Nikon F3 almost 20 years ago. And while black & white film has been replaced by digital memory cards, and the headaches I used to get from too many hours in the darkroom have been replaced by headaches resulting from sitting in front of the computer too long, the essence is still very much the same - to capture the moment. Often it is a struggle between taking the picture and simply being in the moment, as doing both is almost impossible. But I have yet to take a picture I regretted taking, so I figure I am doing ok.
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I chose digital rather than film as a) it would be too expensive buying that much film (I have actually already recuperated the cost of my digital camera through saving on film), b) digital camera technology is no longer inferior to film and c) I wouldn't be able to upload pictures to this website ;- )

As for those of you out there that are gear heads like me, my equipment consists of:

Canon 1 Series camera
Canon 85 1.2 II lens
Canon 35 1.4 lens
Canon 100 2.8 Macro lens
Canon 24-105 4.0 lens
+ a Gitzo G2227 tripod with a RRS ball head, Sandisk Extreme III 4 & 8 GB cards and a Apple Macbook Pro laptop w/700 GB of external hard drive space.

It is hard to explain what gives me such pleasure from taking pictures. I spent some time trying to put the reasons down on paper, but in the end, I decided that it does not matter why as long as it gives me something. And perhaps, just perhaps, when the travels are over (for now), I will have enough images to put together a portfolio that would allow me to take it to a professional level. I am a geek at heart, so I will most likely continue to work in the tech field, but photography is also close to my heart and I might very well end up do children’s photography on the side.