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Argentina in a Nutshell

Argentina is rich in charm. Few people visit its capital, Buenos Aires, without falling in love with its architecture, ambiance, food and tango. Lars did, and I did, for the third time. Many people know of the Italian descendants of the European-like portenos with their cosmopolitan airs,
but are unaware of the English, German and Welsh descendants spread all over the country, and the indigenous peoples of the north. Yes, they do exist, as do strong indigenous traditions. From Patagonia in the south to Salta and Iguacu in the north, Argentina offers a wide range of sights and activities from gauchos to glaciers, from wineries to world-renowned waterfalls.

We entered Argentina from the south, through Bariloche, a Tyrolean city known for its ski resorts and as a winter paradise for the rich and famous, such as Holland’s crown princess Maxima. We grabbed an overnight bus to Buenos Aires, to have some down time and see my friends before Christmas. We spent a lazy week enjoying Buenos Aires; walking its streets, watching its tango, visiting its gaucho ranches, and eating its delectable beef! We had the added benefit of meeting Christian Shcmee, a T-bird friend, and Ignacio Conti, a colleague from Equant, and his family. Veronica, another Equant friend, took us south to the beach for a long weekend. Carilo was the beach equivalent of Bariloche; a Hansel and Gretel themed village hidden in a pine forest on the edge of the sea.

We said a sorry farewell to Buenos Aires and headed north to Salta, which had been recommended for its “color”. We experienced first hand what that meant. It’s a candy store for a painter or poet. We visited wineries, Inca ruins, churches, made friends with the lovely Jackie and discovered the origin of one of my favorite songs before leaving. Later in our trip we returned for an all-too-brief day to view Iguacu Falls from the Argentine side, which was spectacular. We rode the rapids, went under the firehouse force of one waterfall and walked for seven hours without tiring.