Seeing the world, one country at the time

Picture Galleries

In the pages under this section, you will find country galleries. I took the pictures from being 17 MB to approximately 100 kb, or almost 0.5 % of the original size. Needless to say, this does not give you the same quality as the original, but it does make for a faster download. That said, the slideshow still requires a fast connection in order to see the pictures withouth waiting for too long. I hope, at some point, to also make slideshows for those with slower connections as well as speading up the rate of the pictures themselves.

You will also find the respective picture slideshows as the first link under the country sections where Anna has all her articles. It might also be better to read her articles before you go through the picture galleries, as she talks about most of the pictures that have been included in the galleries.

The gallery named Portrait Shots simply contains a large number of photos of a handful of people. This gallery is for the individuals I shot to peruse, so they can tell me what pictures they would like to receive a copy of. As it often is 20 pictures of the same face, it is pretty much a "special" interest gallery.


When you open up a gallery page, you will see anything from 4 to 12 thumbnails with a brief description representing photo albums. If you click on one of these albums, you will be taken to an automatic slideshow that will start to play as soon as the images have been downloaded to your computer. If you want to pause it, you can click on the "Pause" icon, in the far lower right corner. You can also go back and forth in the slideshow by clicking on the "-" and "+" on the left and right, respectively, of the numbers on the bottom of the screen. Finally, you can hower over the numbers on the bottom of the screen to see thumbnails of the pictures, and by clicking on them, go directly to that picture.

Also, if you want to stop viewing a particular photo album, simply click on the icon in the far lower left corner and it will take you back to the country picture overview gallery.

Please note that if you do navigate throught the photos on your own, if you want the slideshow to resume, just click on the "Play" icon in the same location where the "Pause" icon used to be, in the far lower right corner.


We would love to hear about any suggestions you may have in terms of how we can improve on the slideshow. Faster slideshow sequence, better instructions, fewer/more pictures per album - anything that comes to your mind.

Did I take your picture?

We meet a lot of people while traveling and I take a lot of pictures of our newfound friends. Sometimes I am able to burn a DVD or email the pictures to the ones I am shooting, but in some cases, I manage to loose the contact info (or, as in the case of the border between Peru and Ecuador - when someone stole all the new addresses that friends gave us for the first 4 months of our travels). Regardless, if you see your picture on our site and you would like me to email it to you, just click here